• The goal of the program is to help people who is living with dyslexia to read texts easier on monitor.

  • The software is free, can be dowloaded and installed any times without any charge, and without needed registration. Downloading this sofware the user agrees, that the free usage means no warranty.

  • Install:

    After extracting the zip click setup.exe or SetupOnTop_v1.msi file, give the path for install, and wait for finalizing the setup. Icons will appear in the start menu, and on the desktop. You can start OnTop with them. (Uninstal can be done in windows setup / application list.)

  • Setup package:

    Windows : OnTop_Setup.zip - 2020-04-15

  • Usage of OnTop:

  • After starting it, a semi transparent window appears in the choosen color (green for the first start).
  • The window can be replaced, and resized as usual in windows applications.
  • OnTop is only visible when:
    • -the mouse cursor is out of OnTop's window
    • -or you are dealing with the controls of OnTop's, which can be:
      • -with the scrollbar on left side (image 1 - green rectangular on the right) you can change the transparency level
      • -over the scrollbar you have a button (image 1 - red circle on upper right). Pressing it once will make the color picker appear, pressing it again makes it disappear.
      • -if the color picker is visible (image 2), moving the mouse cursor over it will change the backround color of OnTop.
      • -at the same time transparency can be modified by the mouse wheel (similary to the scroll bar)
      • -if the background color is fine, click the mouse button to keep and store it.
      • -if you don't want to use the given color,instead of clickin on color picker, just click the color picker button, to hide the color picker, and reset the old background color.

Have fun! :-)
  • Image 1

  • Image 2